Ship Recycling Industries Association (India)

Earlier, diuring late 83's, when ship breaking at Alang, Bhavnagar - India, was in initial stage, ship breakers had clinged to their own process and method for ship breaking, with no organized framework or planned strategy, but later with continuous growth, it became essential to set up an organized structure, a body with which ship recycling industry could perform more collective, more smooth and effectively.

Focusing on developement of the activity, Ship Recycling Industries Association (SRIA) was constituted on 28th August 1983, registered officially under non trading corporation. Today, The association safeguards the rights of its ship recycling members and ensures safe and eco-friendly recycling.

Ship Recycling Industries Association (India) is a collective body, established primarily for the welfare of ship recycler activity in India. All the plot holders at Alang and Sosiya are registered members of the Ship Recycling Industries Association (India). The Association represents the Industry at all levels of State, National and International Forums.

Labour welfare activities:

• Industry extends financial assistance for the facilities and equipments to Red Cross hospital at Alang

• Fully equipped mobile hospital to handle emergencies, free and timely medical check-up is provided by the industry to the workers and their family.

• Medical camps for diagnosis and treatment of workers at the yards are organized by the association.

• Visiting team of IMO/ILO/Basel expressed their satisfaction over the improvements of safety and environment standards that have been adopted at Alang. They were not only impressed but astonished to see the actual picture of Alang.

• Regular safety training programs are conducted and audio-visual training is imparted to the workers.

• Health awareness camps are organized on regular basis.

• Safety Audit is conducted jointly by GMB and SRIA.

Social welfare activities:

• Generous contributions to the hospitals and charitable trusts in Bhavnagar.

• Contribution towards CM Relief Funds in the contigiencesof natural calamities.

• Provides funds to educational institutions and health centre in Bhavnagar

• Handsome contribution towards PM'S Relief fund during Kargil war and Tsunami

• Rescue operations and cleaning of debris during the Gujarat Earthquake, 2000.

• Construction of 4 primary schools in Kutch region is fully sponsored by the industry.

• Association also organizes and participates in the trade fares.

• Set up Disaster Management Centre at Bhavnagar for government

Recently, a short termed, on-the-job training program on 'Safe handling of crane operations' was organized by SRIA under the guidance of GMB. The response, in participation, from the members and workers was overwhelming and it has encouraged SRIA to conduct more such training programs in the days to come.

The participants and their host plot holders are appraised and awarded as a gesture of motivation.